Dream Theme Park, Pending

In the not-so-distant future, PK Wester Park may one day be the first ever, "Dream Theme Park." Guests will be hooked up through mental wires, much like movie, Inception, to a machine where there has been designed the ultimate augmented reality. Guests will be taken to their very own dream world. The machine will scan each individual guests brain for preferences on what world they would most-like to visit. The machine will look for details such as temperate climate, color scheme, landscape, adventure level, and much more.

Once a guest has entered the dream park, they will find that they can not only ride  typical roller coasters on land, but underwater roller coasts in the Lost City of Atlantis, or dragons around castles and above lakes of lava; what ever type of experience the guest would like, they can attain once they pass through the entrance of PK Wester Park.

Anything the guest can fathom can be true for them, through this ultra-realistic augmented reality, we are now calling a human-designed dream world. The only worry we are having, however, is that people may want to move into and live in this augmented reality forever.